Why Organization Matters

Having trouble staying organized? Here at Bowman Self Storage we understand why organization matters to you. Our goal is to help you make the most of your space. With our helpful room-by-room tips below your house will be ready for 2017!

Why Organization Matters

Living Room:

  • The first step is to make piles designated to trash, donate, and relocate. This will help move the organization process along.
  • After flipping through magazines take them directly to the recycling bin. Keep them all in one place and when the stack gets to high, it’s time to recycle!
  • Tidy up as you move. If you’re passing from room to room pick up articles as you go.
  • Make a charging station to help keep tangled cords out of sight.


  • Storage under the bed is great spot for out of season clothes. Add wheels to the bottom of the drawers to create an easy access storage area.
  • Adding cubbies, boxes, or a storage ottoman at the foot of the bed is a creative way to store belongings.
  • In your closet, hang with a plan. Keep all pants together and all t-shirts together. Donate anything not worn in the last 3-6 months.
  • If your drawers are the problem area, focus on drawer organizers.You can find them at any local home goods store and remember to measure your drawer height before purchasing a divider.


  • Behind the door towel rack will keep the towels hidden and allow them to dry and keep the smells away.
  • Use stack-able laundry baskets for easy sorting. This makes laundry day simple and fast.
  • Take advantage of the wall space around your sink and toilet. Shelves are a great spot for q-tips, cotton balls, and bathroom necessities.
  • Go through your medicine cabinet every month to get rid of any expired medicines.


  • Regularly recycle old papers. Go through your files at least once a month to cycle out old bills and junk files.
  • Use a drawer divider to keep notepads readily available, instead of being buried by other office supplies.
  • Color code your filing cabinet so you can easily find the documents you need.
  • At the end of everyday reorganize your space. Put items back in their home and start the next day refreshed and ready to go!

If you are looking for a fresh start this new year, use these easy steps to get your house in excellent shape. Bowman Plains Mini Storage is here with tips and tricks for any storage or organization project.

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