Moves Cross Country: Moving Timeline

Make moves cross country a success with Bowman Plains Self Storage! Moving to our Frederick MD area for work or a new beginning for your family? Make the transition simple with extra space here at Bowman Plains Self Storage.

How can our storage be a benefit to you while moving? Moving and storage assist each other. While you moving you can store your belongings with us until you get comfortable in your new house. Move in stages, start packing as soon as you decide a move cross country is what you need, then store your boxes with us.

Our storage options for the summer go past short term options for college students. Talk with our store manager today about how Bowman Plains Self Storage can make moving a breeze.

Moves Cross Country Frederick MD

Moving Task: What To Do First?

  1. Find a moving service that will help you make this transition a success. Depending on the distance may require a specific type of mover. Our experts can help you find a reliable mover in Frederick MD.
  2. Account for moving costs up front! Plan ahead for what you think you may need in terms of moving supplies and moving help.
  3. Do you need storage? Bowman Plains Self Storage needs a 2 week window to reserve your storage unit. Need to storage right away? Rent online!

Now That You Are Moved, What is Next?

  1. Cancel any magazine subscriptions that were going to your old residence. Then set your mail to forward using the post office’s website.
  2. Talk with your previous doctor about transferring your records to the new office.
  3. Start updating your address everywhere!
  4. No food or cleaning supplies? Make this printable list your grocery list and restock.

Bowman Plains Self Storage is here to help you find the extra space you need. Maybe you just want to get things straight around the house, we can help!

Rent online and stop in our office on Navistar Drive for moving supplies and expert advice.

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