How to Take Advantage of Temporary Self Storage Space

Sometimes you only need about a closet’s worth of space to tuck away the extra clutter around your home. By renting self storage close to home, you can have a temporary storage spot dedicated to stashing items that are used infrequently and taking up space. Bowman Plains can help you get organized and stay organized. Follow these expert temporary storage tips to make the most of your home and rental spaces! 

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Temporary Storage Tips for an Efficient Rental

1. Sort Non-Essential Items for Temporary Storage

Begin by identifying items in your home that you don’t use on a daily basis. Seasonal apparel, spare furniture, holiday decorations, and infrequently used kitchen items are perfect examples. Temporarily storing these items at Bowman Plains Self Storage can open up valuable space in your home. Organize these items into distinct categories and create a detailed inventory. This will not only assist in organization but also ensure you keep track of what’s in storage for when you need them.

2. Select the Right Storage Unit & Facility 

Choose a storage unit size that aligns with the quantity and size of your items. Smaller units are sufficient for limited items like a few boxes or minor pieces of furniture, whereas larger units are necessary for bulkier items such as sofas or dining tables. Our storage calculator can give you a suggestion. Factor in the facility’s location for your convenience. Our flexible rental options are perfect for those needing temporary storage, offering the liberty to store your items for variable durations as needed.

3. Keep Packing Techniques Organized and Accessible

When packing your belongings for storage, prioritize using durable boxes and clear labeling. Categorize your items and mark each box with its contents and original room for easy identification. To protect fragile items, employ bubble wrap or packing paper. Arrange your storage unit so that frequently needed items are easily accessible at the front. Need packing supplies? Drop by our office on Navistar Drive for all your packing needs.

4. Take Advantage of Your Cleared Out Space

Utilize the space you’ve cleared to set up a clean and productive home. Maybe you are clearing out a spare bedroom to use as a work-from-home office, or you decided to turn a seasonal closet into walk-in pantry. The possibilities are endless with the support of self storage close to you.

Your Perfect Solution to Maximize Your Space

Where can you find reliable self storage close to you? With a selection of drive up storage, indoor units, and outdoor parking spots in Frederick, MD, Bowman Plains Self Storage can help solve your temporary storage problem. Our rentals are on a month-to-month basis so you can keep your unit for as long as you need—no long contracts necessary!

Search through our available storage units online to find a solution that works for your situation and budget. Our experts can assist you by talking through the items you anticipate to store to help you choose between different features and sizes. Keep your items secure with Bowman Plains Self Storage!

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