Commercial Storage Tips for Your Business

Does your business need more space? If your work is starting to take up space in your home, the answer is probably yes. Between inventory, supplies, and records, you need commercial storage. That is where Bowman Plains Self Storage comes in. We offer a variety of sized storage units with drive-up and temperature-controlled amenities. Call our office to ask an expert what would work best for you!

Why Store Commercially?

Businesses store for a lot of reasons. Some office spaces only have enough room for work and not storage. Restaurants have extra tables and chairs they do not need daily and patio furniture to tuck away in the winter. Medical professionals need to keep organized records. Some common reasons for storing include:

  • Expanding 
  • Starting a business
  • Moving
  • Getting organized

Professions that Commonly Use Commercial Storage

Trade Professions

Many contractors attempt to store most of what they need in their trucks. Keep only what you need close by, and store the rest of your tools with us. Order supplies for projects ahead of time and store them in the storage unit, or keep leftover supplies safe until you can use them in another job. Renting a storage unit close to your job site is easy and affordable with our month-by-month leasing.

E-Commerce Businesses

Do not let inventory start to take over your desk and home storage spaces! Once you rent a storage unit, it is yours to set up however you wish. Organize your supplies and inventory based on products and when you plan on regularly accessing your storage unit. You can also set up a whole fulfillment station to process your orders. Temperature-controlled storage units are particularly beneficial to businesses that are storing items that may be sensitive to extreme heat or cold. Always be sure to double check with your storage facility about what you are allowed to store. 

Retail Stores

Your store is the physical representation of your business to your customers. Assure you have the room to decorate and display how you want by renting a storage unit to hold your extra inventory and furniture. Store away seasonal decorations and displays until it is time to bring them out again. Show your customers what your business is all about by keeping their browsing space uncluttered.

Find Space for Your Business with Commercial Storage

Bowman Plains Self Storage not only has everything you need for successful commercial storage, but it is also conveniently located in south Frederick MD on Navistar Drive. Accessible from Route 270 and Route 15, our storage facility offers drive-up and temperature-controlled storage units, as well as parking spaces for your company vehicles. Our extra wide aisles make sure you can access your storage unit in any vehicle. Rent or reserve through our contactless storage rentals today!

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