Car Storage for the Snowy Season

Bundle up winter is on it’s way! Just as you prepare for the snow and ice, think about your car and how you will get it ready for the season of snow. With these useful steps below and our covered outdoor parking you can rest easy this winter knowing you have the best car storage for the snowy season.

Car Storage for the Snowy Season

  • Use these last nice days to take the car or motorcycle out for one last ride. Heating up the car and taking it out will decrease the amount of water stuck in the car’s chambers.
  • Fill the fluids to the brim. It would be good to replace any old dirty fluid so sediment does not corrode the tanks over the winter.
  • Get the car spotless. Leaving any dirt or grim on the car can cause the paint to deteriorate. Be certain to clean the wheel wells, this is the easiest place for moisture to get trapped.
  • It is best to leave a small opening in the window for circulation during this long period. Put a box of open baking soda in the cabin of the car to absorb water and unwanted smells.
  • The battery can be tricky to keep fully charged in the cold. You will profit by taking the battery and spark plugs out of the car and storing them away from the outside environment.
  • Jacks and props can help you handle flat spots from occurring. You can also try spinning the tires every 2 weeks to keep the pressure from settling.
  • Do not be inclined to start the vehicle unless you plan on taking it out for a ride of 30-40 minutes. If you take the vehicle out remember to properly store it before letting it sit again.

Come check out our covered outdoor parking as an option for your car storage for the snowy season.

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