Bowman Plains Spring Cleaning Challenge

As the time for spring cleaning approaches, will you be up for the challenge this year? It is time to have your home ready for the spring season, and this can be accomplished by completing one task a day from your spring cleaning calendar. Make sure you work through all sections of your home to prepare for the better weather.

Having a calendar like this will allow you to accomplish one spring cleaning task per day. However, don’t forget about cleaning out your storage units too!

Spring Cleaning – Storage Unit

The time for spring cleaning your home is here, but try not to forget about your storage unit too! This also needs cleaning of its own. Visting your storage unit occasionally is a good habit to have so that you can make sure all your belongings are safe and sound. When you head over to your storage unit for its own spring cleaning, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Donate any unwanted items to our charity storage unit.
  2. Reorganize your storage unit, and place belongings in the front that you use more often.
  3. Replace any damaged boxes or bins with new ones.
  4. Sweep out and dust your storage unit.
  5. Swap out spring items in storage with winter belongings.

Packing Supplies

If you feel like you need new boxes or other packing supplies, come by our office. Here at Bowman Plains Self Storage, we have a variety of moving supplies that we sell onsite!

Get Started Storing Today

Once you have finished up with your spring cleaning at home, you may realize that you need additional space. Also for some, you may even realize that you need a larger storage unit than you currently have.

If you are ready to start storing at our Frederick MD self storage facility, try renting a storage unit online. For those that would like to upgrade their storage units, have a talk with our manager and they will be happily ready to assist you.

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